Sex Bomb Promotions is a Sydney-based agency servicing topless waitress pubs, nude waitressing, lingerie ,party strippers, and bikini modelling around Sydney venues..

I think most people assume that being a lingerie waitress is an easy job, but that is a very incorrect assumption. Well… let me rephrase that. Being a lingerie waitress can be an easy job… but being GOOD lingerie waitress is not easy at all.

There are several things that make a lingerie waitress great. And you may be surprised to find that these things are not what you’d immediately think.

Here are 4 key traits that we at Sex Bomb Promotions believe comprise a fantastic lingerie/topless/nude waitress:

1. Appearance

This is the first thing most people think of: are they smokin’ hot? A waitresses’ overall ‘look’; ie. the way they do their makeup, style their hair, their body type, standard of dress, shoe choice, whether they have a tan or not, their posture, etc etc…

Yes, these things all matter. Of course you’re going to want a knockout serving drinks at your party. You want a girl who looks great, rocks her lingerie, smells good, and knows how to carry herself. You probably don’t want to see ripped clothes, chipped nail polish, filthy shoes or a blotchy half-assed fake tan.

Having the hottest lingerie waitresses in Sydney is all fine and good, but looks are just a very small part of what makes a waitress great.

2. Personality

THIS, my friends, is the MOST important thing in a waitress. It doesn’t matter if she looks like Pamela Anderson’s younger sister… if she hasn’t got anything interesting to say, your guests are going to get bored of her no matter how hot she is. You don’t want tits on a stick, do you?

No! You want a girl who is interesting, witty, funny, and definitely cheeky! You also want a girl who isn’t too up herself, or she’ll spend half her shift in the toilets touching up her lippie.

Emotional intelligence is important here too, as sometimes there are people in attendance who are shy, or don’t have any friends with them. A great waitress should pick up on this and pay those people a bit of special attention to get their confidence up and help them mingle with the rest of the party.

When it comes to the desired personality… think ‘social butterfly’. An ability to adapt to any personality type and find common ground is an excellent trait for a waitress to have, and one that we actively seek out when adding new performers to our books.

3. Work ethic

Let’s be real, when you’re hosting a party that runs during a specific time-frame, you need the waitresses to be punctual! There’s nothing worse than having a room full of blokes all bored to tears because the entertainment is 90 minutes late.

Also, many lingerie waitresses these days seem to think that just being hot and being present is enough. IT’S NOT. Waitresses are meant to serve drinks. If they’re not serving drinks, then you haven’t got yourself a lingerie waitress… you’ve got yourself a lingerie model… and that isn’t what you ordered!!

A great waitress will be able to balance making sure everyone has a drink in their hand whilst still chatting with all your party-goers.

I’ve been to many parties where girls will only hang with one small group of the boys during their shift. Or they spend the whole time on their phone texting. Or they’re in a bedroom doing private lap-dances all night and have barely served a single drink… behaviour that is certainly not ideal when you’re paying top-dollar.

4. Versatility

Lingerie waitresses have far more than one role.

They should absolutely be seen serving drinks, chatting with guests, flirting, sometimes serving food, tidying up empties, etc, etc. But under the surface, there’s so much more going on.

A great lingerie waitress will be multi-tasking from the second they walk in the door. Aside from serving, entertaining, and cleaning, they are juggling many other tasks as well.

– they are accountants (collecting cash up-front, separating commissions, managing discrepancies, negotiating lap-dance fees).

– they are psychologists (counselling the buck about his wet feet, talking the father of the bride through his separation anxiety issues, helping the buck’s younger brother Billy with his confidence issues, calming another waitresses’ anxiety before she steps half-naked onto the floor).

– they are entertainers (some girls do shows, some have card tricks, many have a wicked sense of humour, a lot do lap dances, plenty have party games they bring along).

– they are mothers (getting the best man to the toilet before he spews, cleaning the red wine stain out of the lounge, stroking Dave’s hair while he cries about his ex-Mrs).

– they are their own security (google-mapping addresses, checking in and out with agents, making sure no one is taking sneaky pics, looking after the other waitresses).

… a really good waitress will be doing all of these things so well that you don’t really even notice that they’re doing them!

Now let’s address a question that may be playing on your mind: what makes me, miss blog writer, qualified to say what makes a waitress great?

Well, I was that waitress. I was that girl stroking Dave’s hair while he cried about his ex-Mrs. I was that girl floating like a butterfly through the room in 6-inch heels, dodging hands and giving motorboats whilst cleaning up empty bottles of Carlton Draught.

I was that girl with amazing work ethic, and now that I run the agency, I expect the same from my performers. We always seek feedback from our clients after their event which allows us to maintain a high standard of quality amongst our entertainers.

Protecting the integrity of the adult entertainment industry is very important for us at Sex Bomb Promotions. Part of demonstrating our commitment to this involves providing the top-notch service that you demand; from the booking process through to the final call for feedback, rest assured you will be over-the-moon with the personalised attention you get from the Sex Bomb family.

I personally guarantee it!

– written by Jen Robberts


If you’re interested in experiencing the thrill of being a lingerie waitress for Sex Bomb Promotions, go to this LINK and send the required items to the email provided to start the application process. We look forward to helping you make your dreams in the adult entertainment industry come true!