topless waitress sydney

I was ‘discovered’ as a private topless waitress at the first strip club I ever worked at. I had been working at the Men’s Gallery in Sydney CBD, as well as Sefton Playhouse (located out in Sydney’s west) at the time.

Strip clubs can be a tough gig. All the late nights and drunk men wear on you over time, and there’s generally a lot of alcohol involved. There can be a lot of competition from other dancers. Some nights can be so slow that you walk out without making a dollar. On the plus side, however, you have the benefits of a fixed venue, structured rosters, plenty of rules & regulations mostly designed for your safety and lots of security.

For a lot of adult entertainers though, one of the greatest advantages of working in strip clubs is the comradery. Despite popular belief, most of the girls who work in the industry as strippers or topless waitresses are actually very friendly and lovely to each other.

On any given Saturday night inside of a strip club dressing room full of entertainers you will witness lots of hugs, personal stories shared, lingerie swaps and makeup tutorials, and plenty of giggles. Some of my fondest memories are in Sydney strip club changerooms, with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. Many of which I am still very close friends with.

Some girls do prefer to go it alone on the floor and fly solo looking for clients to entice into buying a lap dance… but most girls prefer to pair up with a friend or work in small groups for the larger parties that have come in to relish in the topless waitresses and stage shows. Regardless of your working style as a table dancer though, in a strip club there are always plenty of dancers milling about, chatting amongst one another and flirting with potential clients.

At most of our local Sydney pubs that feature weekly topless waitresses, however, there is often only one waitress on per shift. ONE. That girl is the ONLY topless girl in the room.

Now imagine being that girl and walking into a venue full of patrons and staff, both male and female, of all ages. Visualise walking into their public toilet and changing out of your street clothes into a g-string and some sky-high platform heels. Envision looking at yourself in the mirror, checking your hair, and adding the final touches to your makeup.

Next, picture yourself walking back out into that same venue with your breasts and bum fully exposed. Imagine feeling the cool air giving you goosebumps, the sun from the front windows on your skin, and the breeze from the busy bar area.

And now imagine EVERY SINGLE EYE in that room looking at your – not only topless – but almost completely naked body. Imagine all the heads turning at once, like watching spectators at the footy doing the wave in the stands. Imagine the jaws on the floor, the cheeky grins, the nudges and the whispers.

THAT is what it feels like as topless waitresses. Exposed. Naked. Bare. Vulnerable. On display.

And then add to that trying to navigate the uneven floor in stilettos whilst holding a tray full of drinks and dodging random hands that are ‘just walking past’.

But the good far outweighs the bad.

Being a topless waitress also feels fucking amazing. It’s completely exhilarating. Incredibly liberating. Exciting. Invigorating. The allure of regularly representing an industry with such a risqué reputation is intoxicating. Also, the attention that you receive feeds your ego. It gives you this weird sense of confidence that you’ve never really felt before.

And hey, the pay isn’t bad either, wink wink.

Walking out onto that floor as a topless waitress is daunting at first, but once you work up enough courage to do it the first time, it very quickly becomes second nature. Hell, I haven’t worn a bra since I was 20 unless I was getting paid to do so. At this point I am so used to being naked in front of strangers that I could strip down to my birthday suit and do cartwheels down the middle of Sydney’s Central Station and not even blush.

… hmmm. Maybe we should add naked cartwheeling as a service? I’d better not get ahead of myself here.

Anyway, the next time you find yourself at a venue or a private party in Sydney with a topless waitress, give that girl some kudos. It takes a real strong sense of self, confidence, and some big brass balls to get your tits out in front of droves of patrons for years and sometimes decades on end. I take my hat off to every topless waitress I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, because you, beautiful girl, are a god damn rock star!

And boys: ALWAYS TIP THE WAITRESS. She’s there to provide some eye candy and entertainment, show her some appreciation!

– written by Jen Robberts


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