Sex Bomb Promotions is a Sydney-based agency servicing topless waitress pubs, nude waitressing, lingerie ,party strippers, and bikini modelling around Sydney venues..

When I started my employment with Sex Bomb Promotions in 2005, working my way up to becoming one of Sydney’s top showgirls – I never thought I’d end up being made redundant from the career I worked so hard to build because it has been classed as ‘non-essential’ during a worldwide pandemic.

I started out as a nude model and did some magazine work in my early 20s, then moved into hospitality and promotional work while I studied makeup.

After a couple of years I changed directions and started working in the fitness industry while doing private party shows (strip-a-grams) on the side. This eventually progressed into lingerie and topless waitressing, then after about a year of working as a waitress, I entered a few amateur stripping and wet t-shirt competitions at the Oxford Tavern & discovered my love for performing!

Along the way I was very fortunate to have the guidance of my husband, Daz, who has worked in the industry twice as long as I have, so he is very prominent and respected. He gave me valuable advice and introductions to the best agents so that I could start working, which was pinnacle in launching my career.

He also introduced me to Gayna, who at the time was Sydney’s best showgirl! From the moment I first saw her dance on stage at Marrickville RSL, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. She became my best friend and we instantly connected on a soul level. She is like my big sister and taught me everything about becoming a ‘showgirl’ which was absolutely life changing for me! We also share the love of beer – Corona with no fruit!!

With the skills I learned from my showgirl inspiration, I combined my own quirky personality and went on to become a respected and well established showgirl myself.

I pride myself on consistency, reliability and reputation. Performing in the adult entertainment industry is what I was meant to do and I feel it every time I step onto that stage when energy flows through me and I connect with my audience. I have learned so much about myself and how I interact with others, which has led me to evolve into the woman and mother I am today.

In saying that, aside from the obvious financial strain, the time off has really been a blessing and I’m definitely making the most out of not having to go to work. I have managed to get more done in one month than I probably ever have – from organising my paperwork and computer files, to getting fitter by working out everyday and also doing some amazing photo shoots with my talented photographer husband. Not to mention the fact that I now have a mad tan!

Despite being in the midst of uncertainty, not knowing when I will be able to return to the job I love so much, I choose to remain positive because I know that this will eventually pass and when it does… us girls are going to be so busy entertaining at all the parties everyone will be having and the only corona people will be talking about is the icy cold liquid gold being served to them by their favourite Sex Bombs!

– written by Sex Bomb Tamara