Sex Bomb Promotions is a Sydney-based agency servicing topless waitress pubs, nude waitressing, lingerie ,party strippers, and bikini modelling around Sydney venues..

After being chained to a desk and working 9-5 pm for over 7 years I realised I was sad… the kind of sad that made me cry hysterically on the way to work on a Monday morning. I decided to go back to school and start the long road of changing industries.

I was on Austudy (about $250/wk) and started to work in a cafe to make ends meet. I was waking up at 3:30 am and getting home at 3 pm for $18/hr while trying to juggle school and assignments as well.

Again, I found myself crying hysterically, wondering how I was going to survive. Then I remembered seeing this absolutely stunning girl in lingerie, giggling with a bunch of people that were giving her cash at my local pub a few months back. I had my reservations (what would my family think? What if my friends saw me? Would a boy date me if he knew I did that? What are the other girls like? Bitchy, I imagine)… all of them based around what other people thought. Then, honestly I stopped and said out loud: “F**k it, I’m going to do it anyway!”

I googled a few things and found Sex Bomb Promotions, contacted them and organised an interview. I was incredibly nervous on my first shift and basically ate nothing but a lettuce leaf leading up to it. I worked with another girl who was really sweet and chatty and the 3 hours flew by… I had so much fun!!! The kicker though was that I made as much as I did in 30 hours at the cafe in this one 3 hour shift! I was so happy.

Now that I had made the decision to make this industry a part of my life and commit to more shifts, those initial questions came up again and I had to really stand firm in what I felt was not something to hide or be ashamed of, and to convince my loved ones that I was ok. I told everyone the absolute truth: “I walk around half naked, asking how everyone’s day was, get them drinks and when I come back they give me money and tell me I’m pretty. It’s not a bad gig!” I would laugh and reassure them I’m not allowed to be touched unless I say so and the company ALWAYS has my back in any situation where I need their support.

The other thing I mentioned was the girls… and how I thought they might be competitive or ‘bitchy’, which is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous to me now. The girls I have worked with are my closest friends now. I was so surprised by how different the girls are in this industry to any other, they are kind, supportive, strong, confident, loving and are never afraid to be themselves.

The ‘sex industry’ community is like no other.

I have also worked for other companies similar to Sex Bomb, but was disappointed. Sex Bomb Promotions is by far the most organised, supportive and honest company I have worked for. If you’re thinking about it and feel fear, thats normal!

Feel the fear and do it anyway… you won’t regret it 🙂

– written by Sex Bomb Charlotte