Sex Bomb Promotions is a Sydney-based agency servicing topless waitress pubs, nude waitressing, lingerie ,party strippers, and bikini modelling around Sydney venues..

Okay, so, I may not be a bikini waitress, dancer, or ‘’Sex Bomb girl’’ but I have worked in this industry for almost eight years. Mostly behind the scenes, doing some of the nitty, gritty office jobs. The highly important stuff. The stuff that keeps the ball rolling and the industry afloat.

I have loved every part of it and to be honest, it has become something that is more than just a job to me. Something I know a lot of people these days can’t say about their 9-5. It’s personal and there have been many friendships built from it.

Business is forever changing and to keep up to date with new trends, it’s important to have fresh ideas. 2019 could not have been a better year, but within the ‘bat’ of an eye the entire hospitality industry crumbled due to Covid-19, taking with it the jobs of all of our subcontractors. Not only have I seen the destruction of the adult industry, but I have seen these hard-working girls now struggle to keep their heads above water. We have now been forced to completely redesign how we operate and run things around here.

A global pandemic is said to be a 1 in 100-year event. No one could have predicted this, and no one could have been financially prepared. But one thing I think we all have learnt thus far, is that we are all the same… and we need each other (and not that much toilet paper).

Buuber was created on the basis that not only can we support our girls, some who have been working for Sex Bomb from day one (over 20 years!!), but we can also support our devoted customers and clients.

Already, I have been overwhelmed by the support pouring into our inbox and social media from our supporters. The encouragement and well wishes have been nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Today we received messages from some of our regular punters, enquiring about our Buuber alcohol delivery services to supply the grog for their weekly boys night which is now virtual. They catch up on a video call from the safety of their own home and sink a few beers together. How cool is that?! Although it’s not the same as being down at the old watering hole with the boys, we all need to get creative and this is such a great way to do it.

Staying in touch with friends and loved ones during times like these couldn’t be more important, and now Sex Bomb/Buuber will deliver alcohol and other goodies to your door by our Sex Bomb beauties. So stay safe, stay at home, and catch up with the guys online while still seeing our smoking hot Sex Bombs delivering your case of beer right to your front door.  Smiles all around!

– written by Office Gal Shelby