Emily has legs for days! Accompanied by her beautiful smile and professional and fun attitude, Emily is bound to turn heads. Book her for lingerie or topless waitressing for your next function or event.


Describe yourself with 5 adjectives

Sexy, Tall, Down-to-earth, Reliable and Hard-working.

Do you have any special talents/skills (not job related)?

Photography & art.

What is your dream vacation?

Travelling through Italy/France/Canada with my camera and a model.

What is your favourite book or quote?

Dance as though no one is watching..

Love as though you have never been hurt..

Sing as though no one is listening..

Live as though Heaven is on earth..

-Mark Twain

What is your pet peeve?

Selfishness and gossip.

It’s happy hour…what do you order?

A round of drinks for the table.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Travelling to Canada, Italy and France.

What makes you the happiest?

Aside from family, travel, photography and being outdoors.