The Buuber Blog – When being alone suddenly gets… lonely

I’ve spent half the day thinking about the topic I was going to write about here. I woke up this morning with blogging on my mind. I thought about pandemics. And covid. And stripping. And boobs. And buuber. I did this all whilst cleaning my apartment, where I live alone. And while I walked my dog through the park, alone. And while I balanced my accounts and responded to some emails, alone.


The Buuber Blog – The many jobs of a toppie

The thing with working in the adult industry, is that you don’t just have one job description… you are also an amateur psychologist, a financial advisor, a relationship counsellor… the list goes on. And in turn I look to the people I meet at work for a wide range of advice, anecdotes and inspiration that I wouldn’t come into contact with otherwise.
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The Buuber Blog – Corona won’t steal my dream job!

Having been raised in an all woman household, taking care of No.1 was not unfamiliar, and the values of strength and independence were part of our daily discourse. The notion of a woman taking charge of her own life, providing for herself, while also supporting a family, was ingrained deep into our DNA.