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The Buuber Blog – Corona won’t steal my dream job!

Having been raised in an all woman household, taking care of No.1 was not unfamiliar, and the values of strength and independence were part of our daily discourse. The notion of a woman taking charge of her own life, providing for herself, while also supporting a family, was ingrained deep into our DNA.

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The Buuber Blog – Memoirs of an office gal

Okay, so, I may not be a bikini waitress, dancer, or ‘’Sex Bomb girl’’ but I have worked in this industry for almost eight years. Mostly behind the scenes, doing some of the nitty, gritty office jobs. The highly important stuff. The stuff that keeps the ball rolling and the industry afloat.

“The Last Dance” – Oxford Tavern

13 years our Sex Bombs graced the stage of the iconic Oxford Tavern in Petersham, Sydney… our sexy strippers had one last swing around that old pole before they shut up shop.

Go back in time to the evening of “The Last Dance” in 2013 when they closed their doors for good.